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What's it like?

Would you like to try out for a production at Matthews Playhouse? We would love to have you try out even if you have never done so before. Auditions for our performances are scheduled several weeks prior to opening night, and are held at The Matthews Community Center.

Print and fill out the audition forms from the website. At the audition you will be called into a room with a small group of other kids.  Your parents will be asked to wait outside the audition area. (Sometimes they make you more nervous than we do!)  How long you have to wait depends on how many kids are ahead of you in line.  Early on the first night of auditions you usually have to wait a little longer.

The director will ask you some questions and, depending on your age, may have you read from the script.  You will be asked to do some improvisations (pretending) alone and with a group.

Some people will be asked to return for a callback.  This is done so that the director can get together at the same time, all the people who are being considered for certain parts.  (Getting a callback does not mean that you will get a part; not getting a callback doesn't mean you failed to get a part.)

Following callbacks, you will receive a phone call if you are cast.  If you do not receive a phone call by the Friday after auditions, you have not been cast. IF THAT SHOULD HAPPEN, PLEASE DO NOT STOP TRYING!   You will eventually get cast.  Joining a class is a good way to get experience and to become known around the theater.

If you are cast, the next thing you do is come to a first read, where you get your script, rehearsal schedule, cast list, etc.  Your parents need to come too.  The director and producer will go over the schedule, rules, procedures, and everything else you need to know.  Parents will be required to volunteer in some capacity in order for you to participate in the production.