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2017-2018 School of Theatre
Classes & Companies


Creative Drama for Beginners


Our Creative Drama for Beginners can be taken by semester (10 weeks) or full-year (20 weeks).
These classes offer younger students an exciting introduction to performing.
These classes do not participate in our School of Theatre spring productions,
but each semester will end with its own special sharing for family and friends.



Acting & Musical Theatre Companies


Our School of Theatre year-long companies are a 20-week program for
the skills and techniques of acting and musical theatre. 
Each class will include instruction in acting and performance skills. 
Musical Theatre classes will also include instruction in music, drama and dance.


All classes, Level 1-6 will be eligible to participate as part of our
School of Theatre series in the spring of 2018.


 Our Summer Camps are now in Full-Swing

Check back soon for the list and descriptions
of our Year-Long Classes